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Aqua Hot and Hydro Hot Repair

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We are not Affiliated with any other RV Repair Service Centers.

Aqua Hot Certificate

We stock most Aqua-Hot parts for your system - Never be without heat or hot water! An annual maintenance and inspection keeps your Aqua-Hot/Hydro-Hot & Webasto in top operating condition.

We do Warranty & Extended Warranty work. We fix what other RV Service Centers Can't. We don't just Replace Parts... We test and run Diagnostics.

It's a Matter of Comfort

The Aqua-Hot system is factory calibrated to operate in elevations up to 7,500 feet above sea level. When traveling in higher elevations, it would be wise to contact the manufacturer to discuss any necessary adaptations. Exhaust from the Aqua-Hot system is highly heated. Do not run the system when parked on dry, grassy areas. Never run the system while parked within an enclosed building.

Annual maintenance should consist of the following:


Aqua Hot is checked for operation before doing a service

The fuel nozzle and filter replaced (fuel pressure check is normally not performed during a maintenance)

Fuel lines inspected and tightened if necessary

Clean combustion chamber tube & chamber

Ignition electrodes cleaned and checked for proper adjustment

Flame sensor (which monitors the flame of the diesel burner) cleaned

Antifreeze is checked for proper water to antifreeze ratio

All wires inspected and hoses checked for leaks

Tempering valve checked for functionality

The inside of the aqua hot unit cleaned

Combustion chamber assembly and burner reinstalled

Aqua Hot is run through one cycle and checked for proper operation

$245 for side bay door entry

$270 for center or difficult or center entry

Includes parts and Labor

Service Calls may Apply

No service call for the Titusville area.